Thursday, April 26, 2012

Civil War music

Four of us have formed The Last Full Measure, a group that performs Civil War songs interspersed with readings from some of the literature of the time, including some Richard Bassett's letters that are featured in Hardship and Hardtack. We had our first performance last night and had a ton of fun!

Steve is on guitar and harmony, Tina sings soprano, Ave sings melody (and does an incredible reading of the Gettysburg Address), and I sing alto (and harmony). We present a wide range of songs from both the North and the South -- in fact, my husband's uniform is that of a Confederate artilleryman. Ave wears the blue and red of a Northern artillery unit, so both sides are well-represented. In fact, we sing both Maryland, My Maryland and the Northerner's Reply, sung to the same tune.

Our next performance is in Waterloo, NY (the official Birthplace of Memorial Day) at the end of May. I'll post times and the specific location when I find out more. 

And of course, both ebook and print copies of Hardship and Hardtack will be available!


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