Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

Waterloo, NY is the officially recognized birthplace of Memorial Day. The village takes great pride in the fact that they have recognized our fallen heroes in a ceremony that goes back 145 years, never missing a single year.

They also recognize, however, the more modern attitude toward the three-day weekend as the official start of summer. To that end, they hold a Celebrate/Commemorate festival over the first two days and a more solemn commemoration on Monday. Of course, everyone in Waterloo knows Monday isn't the real commemoration. That honor is reserved for May 30th and, no matter what day of the week the 30th falls, that will be the day the village holds it's most solemn ceremonies to honor the dead.

Today and tomorrow, though, are the Celebrate part of the weekend and I will be there selling copies of Hardship and Hardtack (both paperback and ebook formats) at a reduced price. I'm sharing a booth with my husband (if you haven't seen his paintings, check them out here) and we're right near the monument in the center of the park in downtown Waterloo. If you buy a copy, I'll even sign it for you!

Then, on Saturday evening at 5:00, I'll be joining my husband and Ave and Tina Bauder on Oak Island for another performance of The Last Full Measure, our quartet that performs songs of the Civil War. I'll also be reading from Hardship and Hardtack during that performance. This year there are several re-enactment groups camped on Oak Island. Teddy Roosevelt, Clara Barton, Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln will make appearances as well.

So if you're near Waterloo, NY tomorrow or Sunday, stop in and see me. And then on Monday, take a moment to remember those who gave their all.


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